Decisions, decisions…


Scares the hell out of me… not sure why… can’t decide?

I struggle with decision making and the week 17 Simplify Your Life post has given me some strategies and food for thought. According to Deb,

So much of time management and a simplified life comes down to three things:

  • making decisions without over-thinking things
  • giving yourself permission to make the decisions
  • recognizing that much of the clutter in your home and life is simply delayed decisions

Key points I can take from this post :

Stop trying to be a perfectionist  – The notion of perfection sets yourself up for failure. What’s wrong with having a go? If it doesn’t work out, life goes on. If it does work, great! You may even uncover something even better.

Stop waiting – I am guilty of waiting for my husband’s decision, waiting for the kids to be older, waiting for the planets to align… STOP waiting, Just Do It already!

Aim for progress, not perfection – the key here is to make progress. When you are on a journey, you see progress, things can continue to grow and improve.

Go with your gut, don’t over-think it –


Interesting that when the choice is taken away, you can become acutely aware of the decision/ outcome you want. I’ve used this strategy a few times when I’m at risk of over-thinking or delaying decisions.  Mostly, I know exactly what I want when that coin is in the air. And if the coin falls and I don’t care which side it lands- then it confirms it’s not an important decision for me right now & doesn’t require my time and energy.

Try it. Works a treat!



About Elissa @ Mummy Can Do

Hi! My name is Elissa. I am a teacher turned stay-at-home-mum. My husband, Mr H & I have three beautiful children, Mr 7, Miss 5 and Mr 2 who challenge and inspire me daily. I have recently entered the blogosphere to take on Debra Dane’s 52 week Simplify Your Life challenge. This is my year to step up & take action to create my best life. Looking forward to meeting people, sharing stories, being inspired and having fun! Thanks for stopping by xx
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