Wheel Of Life

My next challenge in the 52 Week Simplify Your Life challenge is to complete a Wheel of Life assessment. This is an exercise to evaluate which areas consume most time and energy in my life, and highlight areas that require more focus and attention. The aim is to use this to help set goals and take action to achieve a more balanced life.

The first five of my life areas are directly connected to Values identified in a previous challenge. Then I added some other areas that are important to balance my life; Home Environment, Work and Friendships. My wheel looks like this:

Health  4/5  ~  This has been an area of focus for me over the past 3 months. I am choosing to exercise and eat better and have lost 13kgs so far. I feel fitter and healthier and am loving fitting into smaller size clothes! I will never be a gym junkie or health nut, but hope to drop 1 or 2 more kgs and maintain my current health.

Wellbeing  4/5  ~  I have been actively working on my mental and spiritual health for a couple of years. I have incorporated Gratitude under the Wellbeing heading as I recognise this is a vital aspect of my wellbeing and personal happiness. Wellbeing is an area I will continue to actively focus my energy. 

Family Relationships  5/5  ~  Again, this is an area I’ve been working hard to improve. I am happy with our family dynamic and relationships. One thing I would like is to go out for dinner dates with my husband occasionally but hopefully this will come as the kids get older.

Adventure & Fun  2/5  ~  This comes from our Family Mission Statement. I would definitely like to see this improve to a 3 or 4. We need to plan to spend more time together doing fun things! I’d love to have some weekends away, go camping and let the kids get dirty and have fun. They are growing so fast & now is the time to embrace good times!

Personal Growth 3/5  ~  First step was researching and improving my health and wellbeing. Second step was joining the challenge to simplify my life. I’m happy devoting this amount of energy to my personal growth. On track.

Home Environment  2/5  ~  Seriously requiring some action to organise my home! My family is well fed, clothed and loved but my home often looks like a bomb has hit it! Being more organised would mean smoother mornings, less clutter and more time for fun and relaxation. I need to wake up earlier, improve routines, start menu planning and get my mojo on! Lots to do here :/

Work  1/5  ~  Ok, so this is my lowest scoring life area. But it doesn’t concern me too much. I’ve chosen to stay at home with my children until they are at least school age. I do feel like I am starting to lose touch with my career and need to dip my toe back in. I would be happy to raise this to a 2, perhaps by starting some professional development, and refreshing my skills.

Friendships  3/5  ~  I am not someone who makes friendships easily. But the friends I do have I treasure. The time I spend with friends is totally not reflective of how much I value them! By working on some other areas, I hope to free up more time for coffee dates and barbeques and just plain old catching up.

There are no surprises for me here. I’ve enjoyed the exercise and feel proud of my few high scores because these are areas I have been recently focussing my energy. My wheel would have looked completely different 2 years ago! Now I can clearly identify other areas that I need to work on to achieve greater balance in my life.

It does make me wonder if there has ever been a person to own a prefectly balanced wheel of 5s? I don’t know if that would actually exist- surely that person would have other issues!

Have you participated in the Wheel of Life exercise? Were there any nice surprises?



About Elissa @ Mummy Can Do

Hi! My name is Elissa. I am a teacher turned stay-at-home-mum. My husband, Mr H & I have three beautiful children, Mr 7, Miss 5 and Mr 2 who challenge and inspire me daily. I have recently entered the blogosphere to take on Debra Dane’s 52 week Simplify Your Life challenge. This is my year to step up & take action to create my best life. Looking forward to meeting people, sharing stories, being inspired and having fun! Thanks for stopping by xx
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6 Responses to Wheel Of Life

  1. Paula says:

    I think your Wheel of Life is pretty good!!! I don’t think anyone could have a perfect Wheel and yes i agree ‘they would have problems!!!’ We always need to improve and can always find that extra bit of happiness or contentness somewhere! Good luck on improving your wheel 🙂

  2. Elissa I loved reading this! We have so much in common! I would love to know what specific things you did to lose the weight as that is one of my main focuses this year, and I too will never become a gym junkie but am choosing to exercise, because I know I have to. I have 2 yrs until my youngest child is at school and then I would love a part time teaching job, as I still want to be able to do things with my girls at school but casual teaching works for me, for now, and with my accreditation coming through, I can finally teach in both NSW & VIC (I live on the border so really need to be able to teach in both states….this really was like reading my own thoughts 🙂

    • Mummy Can Do says:

      Wow Melissa! That’s very cool. I have 2 kids at school now and only Mr 2 at home, so I’m thinking it might be time to dabble back in casual teaching. Bit scary having been away so long! I’ve been doing the Dukan diet- you can google it or I’d be happy to email some info/ links if you like. I like it because it provides a strict plan to lose the weight and then how to maintain it. It’s not for everyone, but worth having a look.
      I’m so glad to have met you & look forward to sharing our journeys this year! It’s nice to know someone else is on the same page 🙂

  3. I was sure I commented so either I am going crazy or it is missing (has happened on several blogs ) – anyway – i think this is great and you are doing strongly in so many areas! I don’t think anyone ever maintains a 5 all around wheel – i think the point is simply to check in regularly so you can catch when you are stuck in one mode for too long (ie a person who has 5s in work and family, but 2s in all other areas of their life can take stock and then maybe cut back overtime to allow for some fun or commit to regular catch ups with friends, then another time a person will have worked hard on health and fitness for a period , check in and realise it has been months since they had worked on anything spiritual… I think of it like check ups so you don’t get sick – preventative tools!)

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