Mission Possible…

Week 3 of Simplify Your Life Challenge: Create a Family Mission Statement

So after a crazy busy week, I finally got around to getting my little family together to discuss Our Family. The goods, the greats, the hopes and areas for improvement. While Mr H sat on the side-lines and tried to look interested, I enjoyed listening to Mr 7 and Miss 5 chat and giggle and discuss the pro’s of our family (Mr 2 was tucked up in bed). Below is a brief insight into their headspace tonight…

What is important to our family?    *being nice to eachother    *being safe    *celebrating with friends (birthdays, Christmas, Australia Day)    *having good holidays    *spending time together    *helping and playing together

If people talked about our family, what things would we want them to say about us?    *they are smart & fun    *they look after eachother    *they go for the Carlton Blues    *sometimes they blow their heads off with laughter!

As a family, we are at our best when…     *we all get along    *we love eachother    *we play together    *we love ourselves    *we eat healthy and look after eachother

To make our family better, we should…    *have more holidays together    *be active and go on adventures    *be able to sometimes play by yourself 

We are most happy when…    *we all get along    *when we’re together    *we do fun things together    *we laugh

I adore their openness, honesty and optimism. They used the word TOGETHER a lot. They also talked about having FUN often, and giggled for half of the conversation. There were some sparkly comments that got my attention, like Miss 5’s love of  family fun and ADVENTURE and Mr 7’s high value of CELEBRATIONS and traditions, as well as his suggestion that we should be able to have TIME BY OURSELVES… wise words from a thoughtful boy. Interestingly, I was expecting lots of discussion about family rules- no fighting, use your manners, no yelling- instead, they focussed on positives, like spending TIME TOGETHER and BEING ACTIVE together. I do think we need to delve deeper into the how of GETTING ALONG but I’m glad they rate it with high importance for our best family.

So from this, I made a poster of our Family Values and developed our Mission Statement. I hope to laminate & display it on our fridge so it’s always visible. There is space if we want to add to it.

I enjoyed this challenge, an interesting conversation with my children that gave me lovely little insights into their current values and family ideals. Also grateful that they seem very happy and content and proud of our family. I think we’re doing alright too 🙂


About Elissa @ Mummy Can Do

Hi! My name is Elissa. I am a teacher turned stay-at-home-mum. My husband, Mr H & I have three beautiful children, Mr 7, Miss 5 and Mr 2 who challenge and inspire me daily. I have recently entered the blogosphere to take on Debra Dane’s 52 week Simplify Your Life challenge. This is my year to step up & take action to create my best life. Looking forward to meeting people, sharing stories, being inspired and having fun! Thanks for stopping by xx
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6 Responses to Mission Possible…

  1. Mummy Can Do says:

    Font is not too clear, but our family mission in 2012 is: to laugh more and have fun. We will do this by being nice to eachother and spending time doing fun things together.

  2. Hi Elissa! I loved this! I loved how you colour coded what your kids said and I love your idea of creating a poster to stick on the fridge. Oh and how cute is the comment “they blow their heads off with laughter” that made me smile and smile 🙂

  3. Ditto to Melissa – that is what stood out to me straight away – I was reading and then noticed the colour coding – brilliant! Someday I hope to blow my head off with laughter as well!

    I love how wonderful your kids’ involvement was – they genuinely contributed on the level of most adults!

  4. Paula says:

    Haha sooo very cute and honest!! I absolutely loved the comment blow their heads off with laughter!!!!! It made me laugh outloud!!! It reminds me of when my children were younger and how they viewed the world!! Thanks for sharing your mission statement I look forward to following your year of fun and love 🙂

  5. Kids are very honest aren’t they! Plus who wouldn’t like a family that goes for the Blues! I live in WA and in a house of Dockers supporters. Would be nice to all support one team! lol

  6. Mama R says:

    Love it Liss! Love that the kids focused on the positives rather than coming up with rules. I guess that if we did all the positive stuff, the other stuff (yelling, manners, fighting) would take care of its self. Wisdom of kids huh!

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